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from spell bottle to orbs

i have always made spell bottles but recently had the idea to chance things up a little and i love there orbs there are so pretty you can see all the ingredients and comes with hanging cord so easy placed in desired place , I've been drying roses especially for these and i love the clear detail of the orbs can see the rose beautiful old English roses dried for the antique aged look, i currently have 2 types in stock which are the wiccan home protection which i have always stocked usually in a jar but i find it so beautiful hung in my kitchen next to herbs drying at my door so no negativity shall enter the home , the other option is the classic self love and i find one of the most important i mean you have to love and appreciate yourself in order to be of love and help to others , emotionally ,physically and mentally this orb is filled with chamomile , lavender , rosemary , roses , amethyst crystal and much more all my orbs are sealed with wax and finished with charm detail and hanging cord . i can make these for any spell so if you don't see what you was looking for please don't

hesitate to get in touch and we can work together to make your own perfect spell .

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